Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look of the Day

               As much as one would like to wear heels and a cute little outfit on a daily basis, a true girl on the go has to own a pair or two, or in my case four, of cute sneaks. If you can paired them down with some tights, a boyfriend Tee, Alexander Wang are my brand of choice, and an over-sized coat and still look good, then you have proven yourself to me. Besides you can look at it this way, if you can manage to look good in that get up, then trust me you can wear anything...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Look of the Day


My latest obsession comes in the form of a Furry, Black, Drapy VEST, and although I'm not in any way a fan of animal cruelty, I would say that these poor little creatures are in a better place now, my closet.
Im so excited since this is my first piece of fur ever, and so I must confess I am in love. This adorable little number proved to be more than just looks as it has provided me with warmth and comfort. At this point in time I believe it's safe to say, my new fur Vest IT'S is a keeper!!!

Special Thanks to Soul Reaptress for her Picture Collaboration with My Next Obsession!!! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Alexander The Great

  Exactly a week after Black Friday and with the holidays coming up I could not help but wonder online and unfortunately for me and my budget I stumble upon these bad boys...

         I guess since its also my birthday month I can allow myself to day dream about what a wonderful COMBO-GIFT any of these specimens would make. 


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look of the Day


Style for me really tends to depend on my mood in any given day. However if there is one thing that remains constant and most certainly transfers on from one look to the next, would be my town-boyish side. Like in many ways in life, there are tendencies and habits we never really grow out of. I guess in my case it would be this androgynous accent that defines my personal style, as well, of course, as the way I tend to cross my legs every now and then... 

Before concluding, and in my best effort to challenge your conceptual boundaries about Personal Style, I would like to say:

sexy has nothing to do with the amount of skin shown, but by being comfortable in your own skin. 

 Cashmere Sweater by Vince
Tee by T Alexander Wang
Shorts Vintage 
Lace-Up Booties by See By Chloe

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Special Thanks to SoulReaptress for her photographic collaboration
Model/Blogger Deborah Artaza a.k.a. yours trully