Friday, March 11, 2011

Look of the Day

Back To Reality!!!

Ahhh our beloved and highly anticipated Spring Break has finally come and gone, but I can't complain... After many weeks of stressful school work, we partied until we dropped, literally... Mardi Gras has welcomed us open armed and full of surprises he he. 

After a wonderful getaway, regadless of how much rest one actually has gotten, the feeling of being re-energize is inevitable. That's why I started my back to reality Friday morning with this look!!!
Hope you enjoy it, as always I would love to hear your thoughts on it!!!!

Corset by Elizabeth and James
Pants and Boots by XXI
Belt and Jewels Vintage

All picture on this segment are the work of the wonderful Luli <3
Thanks YOU"ALL ; )

Thursday, March 3, 2011



Hello Lovelies,
Spring is around the corner, and even though fall and winter are my favorite seasons I have to admit that I can not wait for it to be here. In my attempt to expedite this process I thought it appropriate to bring you back my Style Feature of the Month in the form of a hot new face, with great style of course. Luli who not only is a talented model with a fierce walk, also happens to collaborate with My Next Obsession as one of my Photographer on Duty, and is responsible for some of the most amazing shots on this blog.

This Southamerican beauty has pose for some killer shots and answer some questions about style, fashion and everything in between. Without further ado I give you Miss March.

The Look

The Interview

DA: How would you describe your personal style?

LA: I would describe my style as trendy with a lay back feel to it.

DA: How and when did  you decide you wanted to become a model?

LA: I always had an interest in it, but I knew for sure after I did my first ad campaing

DA: How about a photographer?

LA: I never thought I would be one even though I always liked it. However it wasn't until I started taking pictures that I realized I had an eye for it. As a model its interesting seeing things from another perspective.

DA: Who is your favorite Designer?

LA: There are two, and very different from each other at that. I like Ralph Lauren because of its clean lines and classic look, and Marc Jacobs because his designs would give any look a fun twist.

DA: If you could be the face of any fashion house, Which one would it be?

LA: Versace

DA: What was your biggest fashion Fuax pas of all times?

LA: When I was in middle school I went through a face where I would wear head to toe monochromatic looks or in other words "head to toe matchy matchy outfits".

DA: What piece of fashion advise would you give to all the fashionistas out there?

LA: Always be true to your personality when it comes to style

Here is a video of her latest fashion show. Enjoy!!

Video from

Interviewer and Photographer for this segment yours Truly