Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi Everyone,

February is truly a lovely month, and no I don't mean this because of Valentine's, more like despite of it... lol Anyhow I thought, what better way to show my appreciation for what I do, than to post a Valentine-esc look of the day!! I guess my inspiration could be called dead romance!!! 
And because love is in the air I thought it only fair if you got to see the note in which I pour myself in. 

Dear Bunny Paul Smith Tee,
I truly love you.
I don't know how I ever wore that leather mini before you came into the picture. 
PS: You would never be just another Tee.

Truly Yours,

Thanks to my lovely photographer on duty Luli <3 <3 for yet another wonderful shoot.

I could not leave you without an appropriate valentine's theme image. So here it is ENJOY!!

Photo from Google images

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  1. I luv that skirt!

  2. lovely look. i hope you had a great valentines day

    F. ( x

  3. Brit- Thx I guess one can't go wrong with a leather mini...
    Francesca- Thx I oddly had a one of a kind V-day, whatever that means, Im still trying to figure it out!!!!