Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miss November


For my first Style Feature of the month I had the pleasure of working with Sandy Tran. 
Sandy who happens to be AmareSinh's Publicist, a young and stylish up and coming Philadelphian label, answered some questions about her personal style and shared two stunning looks with me for My Next Obsession.


Black Top and Plaid Trousers by AmareSinh

This is something she would wear during the day at work or on the go. Professional, comfortable and super chic. 

Look #2 After Hours

Leopard Top and Bracelet Thrift Store, Legging/Pants by AmareSinh

This is something she would wear when out for a drink around town or an informal event.

The Interview

DA- How would you describe your personal style?
ST-  In short; sexy, bold and daring.
DA- What is your idea of a perfect outfit?
ST- The perfect outfit has to be comfortable and flirty and above all it has to make a man wonder about what is underneath.     

DA- What was your worst fashion mistake ever?  
ST-  I used to wear hand me down cowboy outfits.
DA- What is the one piece of advise you’ll like to give to all the fashionistas out there?
ST-  It’s Ok to be the next size UP.

Pictures on this segment by ME


  1. Thank you so much for this great feature. It's looks so good thanks to your excellent photography skills

  2. It was my pleasure!! besides its easy when you have such a good model!!
    Thanks again for your time.